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Union Synergy Committee Discusses Unconscious Biases

Join NATCA’s Union Synergy (US) Committee on their Facebook page for their Now I Know series on the nine types of unconscious biases (conformity, beauty, affinity, halo effect, horns effect, similarity, contrast effect, attribution, and confirmation bias) and learn the shocking ways they affect your actions and reactions to others. The goal of these series has been interactive discussions while recognizing and applying the education on bias to our work and home lives. These articles can really open our eyes to our own biases and can give us something to work on and work towards as we start to recognize their occurrences in our daily lives.

The US Committee was created to promote and maintain a Union that is inclusive of all members and thrives on the talents of our diversity. Through research, awareness, education, and with a clear understanding of our professional/conduct codes and the NATCA constitution, US works to recognize and address the effect of bias on the work culture and climate amongst all NATCA’s safety professionals. The committee serves to promote awareness of bias and stereotypes and how they negatively influence diversity and inclusion within our Union. If you are not already a member, you can join the US Facebook group here.

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