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Welcoming a New Facility into the NATCA Family

NATCA represents a group of air traffic control specialists that work in 116 Federal Contract Towers (FCTs) for one of four private employers: Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc., RVA-CI Squared Aviation, Inc., and Serco Management Services, Inc. For more information on all of NATCA’s represented bargaining units, please click here.

Today, we’d like to recognize and welcome the members from another FCT who recently voted to join NATCA.

The Capital City Airport (CXY) is located three miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pa. Owned and operated by the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority, the airport is the designated reliever and sister airport of Harrisburg International Airport (MDT), and serves Dauphin, Cumberland, and York counties. It is the home airport for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Aviation and the Pennsylvania State Police. It also averages more than 57,000 corporate, charter, and private aircraft operations a year.

CXY has four NATCA members who unanimously voted to join our Union. Pictured left to right clockwise, Andrea Martin serves as the FacRep; Jayme Fleig serves as the vice president; Darian Moore is the secretary; and Bradley O’Grady is treasurer.

About joining NATCA, the CXY members stated, “We are all ecstatic to be part of the NATCA family and are looking forward to supporting our Union’s solidarity. Together we can build better.”

John Bratcher, the Chair of NATCA’s National Organizing Committee added, “It is awesome to see the excitement by these controllers to join NATCA and gain a voice in their workplace. It is also amazing to see our collective voice strengthened as a whole and better representing the profession. This is a great day for NATCA.”

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