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On April 21, 2021, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding its plans to stand up a new AVS ODA Office (AVS-6), which will report to the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety.  The mission of the AVS ODA Office will remain as required by the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, H.R. 4 sec. 212, and will continue to provide oversight and ensure the consistency of the FAA’s audit functions.  The new AVS ODA Office will stand up unstaffed, and positions will be filled as permanent positions following the vacancy announcement process.  In order to allow for smooth transition from the existing AIR-820 office, the manager and the employees working within AIR-820 will remain in their current positions with no change to their day-to-day work or responsibilities until the selections are made for the new AVS-6 ODA Office.  

NATCA will monitor the circumstances locally, specifically the competitive bidding process and any reassignment requests, to ensure that they are fair and consistent with our negotiated agreements.

POCs: Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale, Labor Relations Attorney May Silverstein, Region X RVP Brad Davidson, Region X ARVP Bob Aitken, National Representative Patrick Massie, Office Representative for Aircraft Certification Ted Kohlstedt, Aircraft Certification Local Representative Ingrid Knox, and AIR-300 Directorate Representative Dawn Forde 

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