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Change Strategy

Jimmy Clouse is the Article 114 Representative for Change Strategy Co-lead.  

Background: The Change Strategy team works with the National Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) Management/NATCA Co-leads and will work with Operating Area Collaborative Work Group (CWG) Co-leads, Metroplex Co-leads as well as Regional, and Facility leadership. The Change Strategy Team (CST) will also work collaboratively at the local level, regionally and nationally to ensure Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) messaging is consistent, accurate and deliberate to facilitate smooth roll out of existing and emerging technologies and concepts. 

Change Strategy continues to meet virtually due to Covid-19.  

The TBFM Fundamentals Briefing tasking memo was signed by Jeffrey Vincent, Vice President, Air Traffic Services, on 21 Apr 21. 

We have provided AJV with a Document Change Proposal (DCP) to the FAAO 7210.3. The 45-day review process with Air Traffic Facilities and the signature process is complete. These changes strengthen language to support TBO and will be in the June 2021 publication.  

We continue to work on adding TBO language to the FAAO 7110.65, FAAO 7210.3, and Pilot/Controller glossary guide.  

Change Strategy will meet with the TBO Management and NATCA Co-leads and the NWM and Southwest Operating Area Management and NATCA Co-leads on a bi-weekly basis to communicate, plan, and collaborate on engaging Field Implementation Team (FIT) POC’s.  

The Change Strategy team meets monthly with the TBFM Ops, AJR, AJI, AJV, FAST, PASS, MITRE, and Tech Ops as part of our TBO Workgroup. These meetings will move to bi-weekly meetings since we have agreed to create a briefing for all Towers in the NAS. This briefing will “level set” facilities with a joint TBO message and explain TBO.  

The Change Strategy meets monthly with Command Center NATCA and Management leaders to brief them on change strategy work to include TBO training for facilities.  

We have created an ad-hoc subgroup to review and discuss present day TMU training. We have discussed changes to the 50115 course as well as providing national requirements to the 55116 course that is in the 3120.4. We have also submitted a TTR to AJI reference the 55116 course.  

We continue to work with the TBFM Ops team, AJR and AJT on ways to provide the TBFM training to facilities in a virtual environment. AJR will test this method in June 2021 for the TBFM Ops Team and will coordinate with other lines of business as necessary. TBFM training course material will not change. 

Change Strategy has revamped the FIT POC briefing. The purpose of the revamp is to get the FIT POCs talking and to establish a relationship so that they understand why CST and FITs are needed. The plan is for this briefing to be a highly interactive session with the slides being as clear, visual, and lean as possible. 

Change Strategy has met with the Southwest Area Collaborative Workgroup (CWG) Co-leads and the CWG Co-leads will provide Collaborative Skills Training (CST) with the names of the FIT POC’s. We will brief the FIT POC’s in June 2021.  

We have met with AJR to provide input on AJR’s internal TBO transition plan.  

We continue to have conversations on a repository platform to store documents and artifacts so that CST, CWG, and FIT’s can go to for briefings, documents, etc. The CST has settled on Huddle and have submitted our request to the TBO Group Manager. 

Change Strategy has been gathering information from other lines of businesses on possible additional change management training. Once we collect this information, there will be a collaborative conversation to determine what tools might, if any, will benefit the CST vision.  

We have been briefed by AJW, Biafra Carrington-Smith that they are working with AJI to create training for Tech Ops to link the TTL and TBFM. This training will ensure that there is a national standard in linking the labs.  

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