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Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS)

Ryan Jacobs is the Article 114 TFMS Representative. 

Background:  TFMS is a data exchange system for supporting the management and monitoring of national air traffic flow. TFMS processes all available data sources such as flight plan messages, flight plan amendment messages, and departure and arrival messages. The National Airspace System (NAS) Data Warehouse assembles TFMS flight messages into one record per flight. TFMS is restricted to the subset of flights that fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and are captured by the enroute computers. TFMS is the main tool used at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center. 

R-14 is slated to be released this fall. OT&E was completed in late March with few issues identified during testing. One issue that is still being addressed is a report sorting function that will need to be demonstrated prior to release. Originally slated to be part of R-14 was a new surface viewer tool that TFMS was delivering for TFDM. Initially this tool will not be enabled during R-14 but is now planned to go active with R-15 coinciding with TFDM timelines.  

I participated in an SRM panel for FMDS which is slated to replace TFMS in a few years. We met over two days and identified a number of potential hazards. We rated 3 of the hazards as major, 3 as minor and 1 as minimal.  

The deployment team met several times in April. We discussed the FMDS conops, R15 reroute modeling requirements, TFMS release timeframes and general FMDS discussion with Mosaic. It was initially in question as to whether R-15 would be released at all. The current timeframe for R-15 is for testing in the Fall and winter of 2021 and the release in Spring 2022.  

TFMS has completed the tech refresh that had been delayed due to COVID-19.  

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