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Trish Talks Diversity at AUVSI

Trish had the opportunity to speak at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) XPONENTIAL 2021 conference. Her panel, Beyond the Diversity Tab: If We Want To Change The World, We Must Get Our House In Order, discussed bias recognition at organizations, how to go beyond diversity statements on websites, and internal and external commitments to diversity and inclusion.

Trish said once the diverse talent is in the door, you don’t stop there. You make sure the work environment is inclusive to the diverse group. She gave several examples of how in aviation, it was once exclusive, and those policies are finally changing. She talked about the nursing mother’s policies and that now there are rooms in air traffic control facilities for nursing mothers to use. She said that female airline pilots previously had to wear male uniforms and have them tailored to their physique. She also gave the example of aviation technicians, and how there were locker rooms for men, but no space for women. “Once you get them in the door, don’t make them continue to feel like they don’t belong there,” said Trish. “Make sure you’re doing the work that you need to do so that they feel included. It will help employee engagement, unnecessary turnover, the bottom line of the company, and will make our National Airspace System safer, when everybody’s engaged and feels a part of the community.”

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