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RNAV Member Completes 250-Mile Race Across Arizona

Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV) and Boots On The Ground member Noel Kingston recently completed a 250-mile race across Arizona. The Cocodona 250 links together some of the most iconic trails and towns in Arizona for one monumental undertaking of 250 consecutive miles. 

“I love the mental and physical challenges of these extreme distance races with the added bonus of seeing amazing scenery and hanging out with great people,” Kingston said. “I feel fortunate that I was physically able to participate in this race and would absolutely do it again.”

The race started in Black Canyon City, Ariz., an hour north of Phoenix and featured close to 42,000 feet in cumulative gain (and 37,000 feet in cumulative loss) before its finish in Flagstaff. The heat and tough conditions led to more than 60 runners dropping out of the race before completion, but Kingston persevered, completing the 250 miles in 4 days, 12 hours and 11 minutes. Kingston averaged 56.9 miles per day, also celebrating his birthday while on the trail.  

Click here to see Kingston’s results and map progression.

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