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CNN: FAA’s new cleaning methods at air traffic towers aim to curb flight delays

A new cleaning regimen is cutting back on flight delays as the skies grow busier this summer. But the new procedures aren’t for planes or even airport terminals — they’re for air traffic control towers.

The cleaning methods are being instituted in Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control towers and facilities around the country, federal officials tell CNN. The aim is to reduce the need for these behind-the-scenes employees who route aircraft to have to clear out after a colleague tests positive for coronavirus.

The union representing FAA air traffic controllers said in a statement to CNN that it believes the procedures “keep our employees and their families safe.”

National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Paul Rinaldi noted air traffic controllers are essential workers and during the pandemic “have continued to go to work each day, keeping our system operating safely and efficiently and continuing the vital transport of people, cargo, and the Covid-19 vaccine. The type of work we perform does not allow for social distancing and requires shared workstations.”

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