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BLOOMBERG: Latest FAA Reform Gives Workers New Way to Report Safety Flaws

Thousands of federal engineers, inspectors and other aviation workers have a new channel through which to report safety concerns without fear of retaliation in an action spurred by the two fatal crashes on the Boeing Co. 737 Max.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Monday unveiled what it calls the Voluntary Safety Reporting Program. The 7,400 people working at FAA’s Aviation Safety division can make reports through their unions or individually, and the information will be analyzed for safety trends.

The new reporting system was endorsed by both the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, which represents FAA engineers who evaluate aircraft designs, and the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, whose members include various inspectors and other technicians.

“The more we can continue to encourage people to report, the more we can influence the safety in the system,” NATCA President Paul Rinaldi said in the FAA press release.

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