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Collaboration Was Reason J-CAT Ensured Our Facilities Were Clean and Safe During COVID-19

One of the most effective processes we put in place collaboratively with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) during the pandemic was the Joint Air Traffic Operations Command, known as the Joint Crisis Action Team, or J-CAT. These are used for major events like hurricanes, but during the COVID-19 national emergency, it was used in the form of a call to have all stakeholders including NATCA and aerospace medicine on the line to make a determination on the level of exposure and its effect on the workforce and overall operation. 

The J-CAT process worked well in ensuring that affected facilities were clean and safe for employees to return. Each of our regional vice presidents and so many of their local facility representatives were a part of this process. We thank each of them for their dedication and hard work to represent the best interests of our members during the pandemic.

CNN Story on Facility Cleanings Includes NATCA

The issue of facility cleanings also drew positive national media attention last week. CNN posted an online story touting the benefits of the cleanings, particularly how the FAA says they have helped avoid more than 165 ATC Zero incidents and reduced flight delays.

We provided a statement praising the collaboration that took place and how we believe the procedures keep our employees and their families safe. Here is the portion of our statement, attributable to Paul, which CNN used in the story:

“Rinaldi noted air traffic controllers are essential workers and during the pandemic ‘have continued to go to work each day, keeping our system operating safely and efficiently and continuing the vital transport of people, cargo, and the Covid-19 vaccine. The type of work we perform does not allow for social distancing and requires shared workstations.’”

Read the full CNN story here.

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