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Trish Talks Diversity at the FAA UAS Symposium

Trish had the opportunity to speak last week at the virtual FAA UAS Symposium. Her panel – Diversity and Drones in Aviation – discussed how diverse teams and inclusivity are pathways to enhance safety and success for individuals and businesses.

Aviation has connected people in ways that no other industry can, and drones will connect us even more, said Trish. And although women are not well-represented in the new entrants and aviation occupations, we as an industry have to figure out if are we uniquely positioned now, with this new industry coming into the airspace, to bring in a diversified workforce, to have better innovations, better outcomes, and safer integrations.

“Diversity and inclusion should definitely be a part of this conversation,” said Trish. “It has been proven that diversity creates a culture that is more innovative. This is important in the drone community and makes aviation and new entrants safer, but we have to continue to evolve.”

Trish also talked about labor shortages in parts of the aviation professions as an opportunity to hire more diverse talent. “It’s important for governments, companies, labor unions, and educational institutions to look at the barriers preventing women from entering careers in aviation,” she said. “We need to come together to make sure we are reaching into our schools, making them aware that these are careers for everyone. We also need to make sure we are diversifying decision-making in our industry, as well as on boards, and with hiring.”

Trish told the panel that aviation is the safest mode of transportation and diversity can make it even safer with an engaged and valued workforce. “The best and the brightest can be very diversified. Now is a great opportunity in aviation to reach out to a lot of that talent.”

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