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NAVAIDS Monitoring Equipment (NME)

Corrie Conrad is the Article 114 Representative for NME 

Background: Two different consolidated control and monitoring systems are currently operating in the National Airspace System (NAS) – the Integrated Control and Monitoring System (ICMS) and the Universal Interlock Controller (UIC) (also referred to as the FA-30000). These systems allow ATC to monitor and control predefined sets of navigational aids and airport visual aids from one or more displays. Instrument landing systems (ILS), runway visual range (RVR), runway end identifier lights (REIL), precision approach path indicator (PAPI), and other airport navigational and visual aids are monitored and controlled by the control and monitoring systems. 

Beginning on May 13, 2021, we began scheduling and conducting Program Introduction telecons with the 32 sites.  Following these telecons, we hope to set up dates for Site Surveys for future dates, pending that the pandemic and ability to travel.  To date, we have met with Boston (BOS), Portland (PDX), Omaha (OMA), San Francisco (SFO), Dallas Love (DAL), Los Angeles (LAX), San Antonio (SAT), and Bradley (BDL).  The proposed schedule to date is to run Site Surveys through 2022 and Site Installations would begin in Q3, 2023. During that time, Development Testing, Operational Testing and Key Site Testing would also be accomplished. 

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