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Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Criteria 

Bennie Hutto is the Article 114 National PBN Criteria Representative.  

Background: PBN design criteria can have a significant impact to instrument flight procedures and routes as they interact with ATC operations. As a result, the Agency and NATCA agreed that having bargaining unit representation is essential in ensuring the success of the Agency’s PBN NAS Navigation Strategy.  

Florida Metroplex 

Based on some Standard Instrument Departure (SID) designs, a briefing was conducted with the POC’s from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach facilities based on what initial altitude phraseology they believed they could issue verses what phraseology would be required. It was our recommendation that changes to the procedures top altitude should be amended to reflect and allow the facilities to use the phraseology they had originally intended to use.  

Performance Based Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee (PARC) Navigation (NAV) WG: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our face-to-face meetings have been canceled and we are conducting the meetings via video conference and during our last meeting, which occurred on February 3rd & 4th, we discussed the following:  

Advanced RNP (A-RNP) Concept of Use: The work performed by the A-RNP Action Team was believed to have reached a point where this topic could be brought into the full NAV WG for further discussions. However, based on comments and discussions, it was decided it needed to go back to a smaller group to ensure all the concerns and issues had been vetted. A briefing will be conducted at the next NAV WG meeting to discuss the how this new Navigational Specification (NavSpec) should be implemented and used within the NAS as some believe it should apply to existing RNAP APCH AR (RNAV RNP) procedures while others believe it should apply to RNP APCH (RNAV GPS) procedures as a quick entry into the system. Regardless of what procedures it could be used on, until a PBN Code is identified and implemented into the ERAM system, no aircraft would be able to identify their capability through the Flight Plan Coding system and controllers will not know who can fly these procedures when A-RNP is utilized. PARC PCPSI WG: Based on recommendations discussed and presented from the Phraseology Harmonization SG, a meeting was held where we briefed personnel within the PMO on these recommendations and that before any of the recommendation could be implemented that a further, comprehensive analysis on the potential cause and resulting effects associated with the proposed phraseology changes. This may require HITL simulations or other measures including both controller and pilot participation. A further analysis would help identify those challenges presented from various pilot-controller interactions and provide the experts with the necessary qualitative-based information for recommending changes to FAA Orders and AIM.”  

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