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On May 24, 2021, the FAA briefed NATCA regarding its plans to upgrade the Operational Data Store (ODS) database, Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Operational Data Store, to safeguard the database against aging software and security vulnerabilities.  The upgraded database will operate identically to its current functionality, but during the transition period, certain FAA systems will be offline.  

During the upgrade, the LOB will provide hard copies of relevant reports directly to BUEs before the systems go offline.  After the upgrade is complete, the systems will appear unchanged and any data from the outage period will be loaded and updated. The outage is proposed to take place from August 6 – 23.

NATCA will monitor the upgrades as they occur to ensure that there is no detrimental impact on BUEs.

POCs: Director of Safety and Technology Tom Adcock, Deputy Director of Safety and Technology Mark McKelligan, National Representative Jason Doss, and Senior Counsel for Labor Relations May Silverstein,

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