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Concur Travel & Expense Training

Concur is NATCA’s system for travel booking and expense reimbursement. Now that you are signed up for Concur you will submit all expenses incurred on behalf of NATCA electronically. Paper vouchers will no longer be accepted if you have a Concur account.

Review NATCA’s Travel Policy

Unless you have transactions that require approval by different budget managers you should only be submitting one expense report a month.

Below is your login information as well as instructions and links to training videos. These videos contain the most pertinent information however further help is available on the upper right corner of the Concur site under Help.

Save the Link:

Login ID and Initial Password:

Your login is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name, for example Joe Smith is “jsmith@natca”. Your initial password is “welcome” which you will be immediately prompted to change.

Profile Setup:


To comply with federal regulatory agencies, NATCA still requires a detail receipt of every transaction. However, expense reports with original paper receipts are no long required. Instead, electronic receipts will be required as follows:

  • Concur Receipt Store
    • In compliance with DOL and IRS requirements, scanned or faxed copies of original unaltered receipts are accepted by NATCA. We still recommend that you store your original receipts in a safe place for up to five years.
  • E-Receipts Activation
    • E-receipts provide a detail feed into Concur for airline, car rental, and hotel booked through Concur Travel.

Mobile Registration:

To register, scroll over Profile and then click Concur Mobile Registration

Booking Travel:

You may book air, hotel, and car through Concur. Air travel will be prepaid by NATCA, however hotel and car must be paid by the traveler and then reimbursed along with your other out-of-pocket expenses. Any transaction for travel prepaid by NATCA should not be added to an expense report.

Trips booked through Concur require approval before they are finalized. In order to assure your travel request goes to the correct approver, you must have the approver listed in your profile before booking travel. Under My Profile, go to Personal Information. Under Company Information, make sure the correct manager is listed.

For questions regarding travel bookings through Concur please call World Travel at (877) 549-1571.

Preparing & Submitting an Expense Report:

Approving Expense Reports:

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