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Grassroots in Local Districts: Arizona

Boots on the Ground (BOTG) members Chuck Muñoz and Todd Laveen have been assigned full-time for the month of August and September in support of the Arizona AFL-CIO’s PRO Act member-to-member outreach program. 

The program is designed to ensure union members are fully educated on the importance of the PRO Act and encourage members to reach out to their Senators to urge their support. This is currently being done by contacting local union leaders, social media, worksite leafletting, postcards, phone banks, and door-to-door canvassing. 

Many of the methods used to ensure members health and safety in the Labor 2020 effort are continuing to be used in 2021. Virtual meetings, phone banks, social distancing, masks, and other preventive measures have proven themselves to be effective methods to keeping our members safe while getting the job done. 

Muñoz and Laveen are utilizing their roles in previous Boots cycles to fill valuable leadership roles in this extremely important effort for the broader labor movement. 

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