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Colorado Springs Members Participate in Labor Day Lift Off

Every Labor Day, roughly 70 hot air balloons float effortlessly over the beautiful Colorado Springs landscape during the Labor Day Lift Off.

Colorado Springs ATCT (COS) members also work seamlessly to advise all arriving and departing aircraft about the hot air balloons, the general direction they are located, and how far away they are from the airport. “For the aircraft remaining in the traffic pattern we switch them to the parallel runway to keep them further away in case any of the balloons drift towards the airfield,” said COS member Kerim Feyzullah. “We always keep constant communication with aircraft on the hot air balloons, making sure the aircraft keep them in sight.”

Working traffic around hot air balloons is not new to the members at COS. During the summer mornings, they usually have at least three hot air balloons a day lift off from the west, proceed south, and cross over the final approaches to the east.

“Our members did a great job over the holiday weekend managing traffic demands and keeping everyone informed and separated,” said COS FacRep Brittney Armbrust. “The launches are a fun and exciting part of our job here at Springs.”

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