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National Training Initiative (NTI) Conducts National Joint Briefings

On March 18, 2020, the National Training Initiative (NTI) was suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Recently, several national joint briefings were conducted, and on Aug. 9,2021, the parties at the national level agreed to resume the expectations associated with the NTI.

The NTI provides expectations regarding the range of on the job training hours to be obtained by individual trainees on a weekly basis at their respective facilities. The goal is to have a labor and management common expectation, which will allow time to more efficiently and effectively progress trainees into certified professional controllers (CPCs). Doing so potentially lays the foundation to allow for more NCEPT movement, workgroup participation, leave opportunities, and overall, more healthy facilities.

In order for the NTI to reach its goals, FacReps and members have to properly understand and support the initiative. To ensure that the facilities are assisted in eliminating impediments that affect reaching expectations, several weekly reports are generated and reviewed at the regional and national level. Upon reviewing those reports, actions that will benefit our trainees can be considered and implemented.

The NTI expectations are as follow:

  • If a developmental/CPC-in training (IT) is not required to maintain currency, the expectation is 15-18 hours per week.
  • If a developmental/CPC-IT is required to maintain currency, the expectation is 12-15 hours per week which already meet the training hour expectations. These facilities will collaboratively monitor and ensure the training hours are ideal for your facility’s needs.

It is important to note that expectations are not mandates, the NTI recognizes that there are impediments to reaching the expectations. The intent is for facilities to collaboratively ensure the data is reflective of the training decisions being made at the local level. The data is one part of the overall picture in conjunction with the accountability and collaborative actions taken to improve the training process as necessary. If you have any questions, please email ojthours@natca.net.

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