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ABACUS is a new, comprehensive software program being developed that will collect, catalog, and analyze traffic data and facility/airspace analytics from many Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) data sources while calculating and reporting results that assist in decision-making for the National Validation Team (NVT), and as required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), ensure we are paid appropriately for the work being performed.

ABACUS is being developed collaboratively, with close coordination between FAA TechOps, contract support, and members of the NVT. While the information provided by this program will be useful to any person or entity making decisions regarding air traffic movements, airspace, or facility operations, its primary purpose will be to produce monthly traffic count indexes (TCIs) for all FAA facilities and assist the NVT in ensuring that every facility is established at its correct pay level setting in accordance with Appendix A of the parties’ CBA.

Incoming Data: Ongoing validation of ingested data streams for completeness and accuracy.  Developing procedures for identifying and patching known data gaps.

Software Development: Testing of the playback tool and programming to produce data-driven reports.

Hardware: Ensuring backup and cross server resiliency. AJW-17 purchased new servers that can support the latest backup software (IntelliSnap).

Training: Entering partnership with AMA-24 to develop training material for ABACUS users.

Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2023.

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