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Lancaster, Shallenberger, Devine at National Office for NEB In-Person Work on Key Issues

Alaskan Regional Vice President (RVP) Clint Lancaster, Eastern RVP Brian Shallenberger, and New England RVP Mick Devine worked in the National Office Sept. 27-28 as part of the National Executive Board’s new process of having 2-3 RVPs in Washington, D.C., each week. The RVPs work with President Rich Santa, Executive Vice President Andrew LeBovidge, and some members of the staff in addressing many key issues. They also are available to handle any issues that arise unexpectedly, helping the NEB to begin to tackle them. Last week, Lancaster, Shallenberger, and Devine worked on both the Vaccination Incentive MOU disseminated on Sept. 27, and a new solicitation process for vetting workgroup subject matter experts.

(Pictured, from left to right: Brian Shallenberger, Mick Devine, and Clint Lancaster.)

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