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Update from NATCA Procedures Article 114 National Representative

NATCA Procedures Representative John Murdock (Philadelphia ATCT, PHL) works collaboratively with the Mission Support Services Policy (AJV-P), developing, implementing, amending, and interpreting air traffic policies and regulations in FAA Orders JO 7110.65, 7210.3, Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), and many others. The national representative position also works closely with other Article 114 and project representatives to assist them in developing and incorporating policy and procedures into the National Airspace System. Controller input is critical in the successful development, interpretation and correction of air traffic regulations and policy. Working collaboratively with the Agency provides continuity between FAA Headquarters and field facilities. This month’s update from Murdock includes these topics: Runway Safety Area, Approach and Departure Hold Markings, No Weight (NOWGT) Aircraft, and Corrective Action Request 2012-009 Runway Selection. Read the full update here.

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