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On Thursday, June 10, 2021, the Agency informed NATCA of its plans to realign four NATCA bargaining unit employees (BUEs) to different areas within AIR-300. Two BUEs will be moved in the short-term, and two more may be moved during Fiscal Year 2022. The objective of the realignment is to create a more efficient pairing of job responsibilities with the operational goals and objectives of the AIR-300, and to fix inefficiencies. During the briefings, the Agency further detailed its reasoning behind the AIR-300 Refinement, explaining that in the four years since standing up AIR-300, it has not kept up with changes in technology and has various areas within AIR performing duplicative assignments. According to the Agency, the movement of these four BUEs will not result in any changes to BUEs’ position duties, grade, series, pay, or duty station. Similarly, the refinement will not impact BUEs’ position title, hours of work, work schedules (AWS/CWS etc.), or approved leave. BUEs’ current telework access will remain unchanged, but new telework agreements may need to be executed to reflect new section identification. NATCA responded to the Agency’s notice by requesting a full briefing to obtain an explanation of any proposed changes that would take place, and to ensure that no change would adversely impact NATCA’s BUEs. The briefing was held on Monday, August 16, 2021.

NATCA will draft proposals to ensure that, because of the refinement, there will be no adverse impact on the working conditions of its BUEs.

POCs: Region X RVP Brad Davidson, Region X ARVP Bob Aitken, and Senior Counsel for Labor Relations May Silverstein

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