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On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, the Agency informed NATCA of its intent to rollout the Smartsheet platform to all bargaining unit employees (BUEs) in the Policy and Innovation Division, AIR-600. Smartsheet will be used by all AIR-600 BUEs, and while BUEs may voluntarily choose to use more of its features such as the dashboard, its primary use is to obtain assignments and provide status updates on tasks. Smartsheet is a project management tool focused on collaborative aspects of project management. By rolling out SmartSheet, the Agency hopes to: create, route, and automate workflows for developing and coordinating new policy and guidance documents; manage and view a list of projects currently with AGC for review prior to final signature; simplify collaboration and review of new policy and guidance documents; and manage standards development process and support associated metrics that require data from other work processes. NATCA responded to the Agency’s notice by requesting a full briefing to obtain an explanation of any proposed changes that would take place, and to ensure that no change would adversely impact NATCA’s BUEs. The briefing was held on Monday, August 23, 2021.

NATCA will monitor the rollout to ensure that it goes smoothly and to ensure there are no adverse effects on its BUEs.

POCs: Region X RVP Brad Davidson and Senior Counsel for Labor Relations May Silverstein

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