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On Friday, August 20, 2021, the Agency notified NATCA of its intent to relocate the San Francisco Airports District Office (ADO). The current office is located at 1000 Marina Boulevard, 2nd floor, Suite 210, Brisbane, CA 94005, and the Agency received notice that the building will not be extending or renewing its current lease which ends on September 30, 2021. In response to the Agency’s notification, NATCA requested a full briefing, which was held on Friday, September 17, 2021. The Agency is planning to move into a new office located in the Walnut Creek area, due to the lower standard of living. The new office requires some construction to meet the needs of the Agency which is expected to take roughly four to six months starting from the date the lease is signed and bargaining with NATCA is completed. In the meantime, the Agency has secured a temporary location in the same building as the current office. At the temporary location, BUEs will have expanded telework and have access to a conference room for in person meetings. Additionally, BUEs will sign up for times to pack up their individual cubicles and, on a voluntary basis, assist the FAA in packing up the rest of the office for the move to the temporary location.

NATCA will continue to work with the Agency and bargain over the logistics of both the move to the temporary location and the new office.

POCs: National ARP Representative-Region X Airports Division Felicia Reeves, Systems Engineer Ed Szczuka, Local Union Representative Lemuel Del Castillo, Assistant Director of Labor Relations Akua Brempong-Smith, and Labor Relations Attorney Jon Cakmakci

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