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NATCA’s IT Committee Rolls Out New Login Systems

NATCA’s Information Technology Committee (ITC) has been working for over a year to build a replacement system for our Union’s member database (UnionWare). It will be some time before the new member database – called MyNATCA – will be fully implemented and replace other systems that NATCA currently uses. The ITC will announce those upgrades later. However, we are replacing the current login system on our Union’s website with one that will be linked to MyNATCA. As part of this transition, all existing login credentials to the members-only side of NATCA’s website will be deleted, and members will need to create a new login. The new login system will allow a single sign-on for NATCA’s website, the MyNATCA database, and NATCA’s store website. Once you’re logged in, you’ll remain logged into all three sites. If you log out, you’ll be logged out of all three sites. In addition, this new system was designed to improve security and make it easier for NATCA members to retrieve and update their own passwords.

Transition Steps

As we prepared for this transition, we had to close the NATCA store to new online orders. If you’d like to place an order during this transition, please call 800-266-0895 and ask to be forwarded to the store. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Starting around 3 p.m. EDT on Friday, Oct. 22, we will begin to connect the website to MyNATCA. During the migration the member’s side will be unavailable for approximately four hours.

Registration Information

If you have already registered and can login to MyNATCA you won’t need to take any additional steps, other than logging in to NATCA’s website and NATCA store using your MyNATCA credentials once the transition is complete.

If you have not yet registered for MyNATCA, you don’t have to wait. Please create an account as soon as possible. Here are the registration steps:

Step 1: Go to http://my.natca.org.

Step 2: Click the “Register Now” link.

Step 3: Fill out the basic information listed and create a username and password. For awareness, your new username must contain letters and cannot be your email. (In the future, your preferred email in MyNATCA can be used to login if you forget your username.)

Step 4: Follow the steps to verify your email.

Step 5: Confirm your information is correct.

Step 6: Update your communication preferences to complete your registration

Once set up, you will reset your login username and password in MyNATCA.


The ITC has created a public help page that answers some frequently asked questions related to this registration process. You can find that here: https://www.natca.org/2021/10/20/single-sign-on-help-guide/.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to the ITC for assistance at https://www.natca.org/support or email here.

Image1: (Left) NATCA’s existing website login screen that is about to be replaced and (right) NATCA’s new website login screen built upon our Union’s new database.

Registration screen for http://my.natca.org.
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