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Tom Flanary Named NATCA National Lead for Collaboration

The National Executive Board last week named Miami Center (ZMA) member Tom Flanary as NATCA’s new national lead for collaboration. Flanary takes over from Phil Hughes, who retired after leading the Union in this important role for the last decade. In addition to serving as Miami Center (ZMA) FacRep for the last two years, Flanary conceived the idea of creating the Disaster Response Committee, serving as its first chair. He was also instrumental in the collaborative success at ZMA for the level 3 cleaning process during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to lay the foundation for what became established protocol around the country to prevent the full closure of large facilities during busy traffic periods.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be selected for this awesome opportunity as the collaboration lead,” Flanary said. “I have extremely big shoes to fill with Phil Hughes’s departure. In the past seven years as an area and facility representative, our facility has worked hard to push collaboration at every level in our building, from the area representatives, the operation managers, and the air traffic manager. We’ve indoctrinated everyone, and people see that this simply isn’t just a buzzword.

“We’ve seen first hand that while it takes a heavy lift, the work pays off. I’m looking forward to the challenge, to meeting the team, and getting started.”

Flanary’s appointment as national lead for collaboration means he is stepping down from his FacRep position. ZMA Vice President Daniel Garcia-Barbon will take over as FacRep.

“I’m grateful for Danny Garcia and my E-Board at ZMA,” Flanary said. “They’ve all stepped up over the past two years and have been outstanding role models in the facility. I know they’ll continue to do a great job.”

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