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National Safety Committee: New Section on Website Highlighting Safety Short Sheets is Released

NATCA has created a collection of briefings, called ‘short sheets’ that cover many topics and will be a great reference with a quick explanation. These are not meant to replace the source material, but rather can be used as general overviews.

These are the short sheet topics:

Aviation Risk Identification and Assessment (ARIA)

Barrier Analysis Review

Covered Event Review (CER)

CIC Reporting Requirements

Human Performance

Individual Performance Management (IPM)

Local Runway Safety Action Team (LRSAT)

Partnership for Safety (PFS)

Performance Record of Conference (PRoC)

QC vs. IPM Operational Skills Assessment (OSA)

Relief from Position

Safety Event – ATSAP or MOR

Safety Event – Reporting Requirements

Safety Management System (SMS)

Services Rendered Telcon (SRT)

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