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NATCA National Runway Safety Rep Joins AOPA Webinar

On Nov. 4, NATCA National Runway Safety Representative Bridget Singratanakul joined a live webinar with runway safety experts from Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the FAA for AOPA’s Air Safety Institute with 439 participants. The webinar presented an analysis of wrong surface operations, what they are, and why they happen. Presenters showed case studies and data associated with wrong surface operations. Participants received FAA WINGS pilot proficiency program credit and an AOPA webinar badge for their participation in this event. The Air Safety Institute is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization promoting safety and pilot proficiency in general aviation through education.

Pictured: NATCA National Runway Safety Representative Bridget Singratanakul, AOPA’s Airport Policy Manager Adam Williams, FAA Runway Safety General Manager Giovanni DiPierro, and AOPA Air Safety Institute Senior Director Paul Deres.

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