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Welcome New Facility: Danbury FCT (DXR)

NATCA is excited to welcome Danbury, Conn., Federal Contract Tower (FCT) to the NATCA family. The airport (DXR) opened in 1930 and is considered a regional reliever facility by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“As a contract tower, our members are either FAA retirees or former military controllers, seeking to join the ranks of the FAA,” says DXR FacRep Bert Wheeler. “As such, NATCA is a perfect fit for our facility. The FAA retirees are familiar with NATCA and the former military controllers will, in all probability, be NATCA members in their future endeavors. “Union representation is key to a productive working environment. Not just for arbitration of issues and collective bargaining, but for the valuable representation that NATCA provides with our federal government and elected officials. NATCA ensures that we FAA employees and contractors are part of the discussion when the future of the National Airspace System is being determined.”

View our complete list of represented FCTs here.

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