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Onboarding Committee Announces New FacReps

“Becoming a new FacRep can be overwhelming, and anything to help make that an easier transition is a welcomed task,” said Northwest Mountain Region Onboarding Committee member Sam Navarro. “A lot of times, just knowing who to contact, or where to look is half of the battle, if not more. I love being a part of the Onboarding Committee and being able to help people find their own way with some of the simplest things like this.”

The NATCA Onboarding Committee welcomes and thanks all of our new NATCA leaders who have recently taken office for their terms as FacReps at their local facilities:

Eastern Region

Elmira ATCT (ELM), Chelsea Greenwell

Manassas ATCT (HEF), Berezo Jackson 

Great Lakes Region

Moline Quad City ATCT (MLI), Brittany Tarbox

New England Region 

Worcester ATCT (ORH), Susan Birse

Northwest Mountain Region 

Spokane ATCT (GEG), Cassandra Labelle

Region X

Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA), Nicholas Paraskevas

Southern Region

Boca Raton FCT (BCT), Roy McCloud

Columbia Metropolitan ATCT (CAE), Jason Creech

Lakeland Linder FCT (LAL), Tommy Malpass

McKellar-Sipes FCT (MKL), Walter Jespersen

Miami Center (ZMA), Daniel Garcia-Barbon

Pensacola ATCT (PNS), Eric Goldman

Southwest Region

Chennault FCT (CWF), Joseph Deshotel

Tulsa Riverside ATCT (RVS), Eric Gochenour

Western Pacific Region

Fullerton FCT (FUL), Johnny McCracken

Ernest A Love Field ATCT (PRC), Mark Koehler

Tucson ATCT (TUS), Josh Nicolson

North Las Vegas ATCT (VGT), Crystal Mcadory

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