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On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, the Agency notified NATCA of its intent to implement a secure interface from the payroll system to the Delphi financial system (Delphi), to obtain and use employee’s payroll bank accounts for all employee payments made through Delphi. This change will allow Delphi to use the employees’ direct deposit bank account information established in Employee Express (E2) for all employee payments. NATCA responded to the Agency’s notification by requesting a full briefing, which was held on Thursday, January 27, 2022. The Agency explained that the current system requires employees to update, via fax or email, their personal information in Delphi, which may result in serious data breaches. The Agency stated that the interface will eliminate the need for employees to manually update their personal information thereby reducing the chances of a data breach. This will result in BUEs receiving reimbursements to the same account in which they receive payroll. However, the Agency stated that BUEs can choose up to 16 institutions in E2, aside from the primary institution, and distribute funds to multiple financial institutions. The Agency stated that the interface will become effective on Monday, May 16, 2022, and will cover payments for: travel, professional liability, medical/physicals fees, parking, wellness, fuel reimbursement, airport badges, miscellaneous office supplies, internet reimbursements, transit fees, childcare subsidies, and EEO claims/settlements.

NATCA will continue to work with the Agency and bargain over the implementation and the changes resulting from the secure interface.

POCs: AFN National Acquisition LOB Representative Gwendolyn Kimbrough, Deputy Director of Labor Relations Akua Brempong-Smith, and Labor Relations Staff Attorney Jon Cakmakci

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