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Region X End of 100% Telework Guidance | April 2022

Message from Our Region X RVP,

Brothers and Sisters –

As the period of maximum telework due to the COVID-19 pandemic concludes and NATCA’s bargaining unit employees (BUEs) return to the office, we want to provide you with guidance on the applicable agreements and procedures. The Parties’ existing 2011(Light Blue) and 2013 (Purple) collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) govern all aspects of the return-to-work process for covered BUEs, unless another agreement has been negotiated. Please be aware of the following key points:
· In accordance with the provisions of the Light Blue and Purple CBAs, the telework policies identified below remain in full force and effect:
    Light Blue – HRPM LWS-8.19, FAA Telework Program, dated, June 30, 2006.
    Purple – HRPM WLB-12.3, FAA Telework Program, dated, September 7, 2010.

· The Agency may request BUEs who are telework-eligible to submit new telework agreements. Telework will be handled in accordance with the applicable CBAs and the telework policies referenced therein.   
· All BUEs covered by the Light Blue and Purple CBAs remain entitled to an 8′ x 8′ cubicle pursuant to Article 18 (see below), if they had an 8×8 cubicle prior to the start of COVID-19 maximum telework.  

Article 18 Section 1: When configuring or re-configuring any employee cubicles, the cubicles shall be at least sixty-four (64) square feet (8’ x 8’). At locations where suitable unused space exists, cubicle size may be increased. To the extent practicable, access to natural light from windows shall not be compromised by placement of conference rooms or storage rooms or hard-walled offices.
· BUEs who wish to continue maximum telework because they are members of vulnerable populations that are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, as defined by the CDC (e.g., adults 65 and older and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions), may utilize the existing reasonable accommodation process provided for under Article 85, Accommodation of Disabled Employees.
· BUEs will be provided with hand sanitizer and disinfectant.
Members with questions about this guidance or other return to work issues should contact their regional leadership to receive assistance.
In Solidarity,

Region X RVP

NATCA Region X Contact Information
Region X National Leadership

Brad Davidson                 Regional Vice President
Bob Aitken                       Alternate Regional Vice President
Ed Szczuka                     Alternate Regional Vice President
Curt Howe                       Alternate Regional Vice President
Gwendolyn Kimbrough   AFN National Representative
Felicia Reeves                Airports National Representative
Patrick Massie                Aircraft Certification National Representative
Pam Rusk                       AIT National Representative
Stacie Wooten                Drug Abatement National Representative

Region X National Committee Representatives

Don Schmeichel  –   National Safety Committee
Ingrid Knox  –   National Safety Committee
Mike Martin  –   National Constitution Committee
Anthony Barksdale  –   National Organizing Committee
Jefferson MacDonald  –   National Organizing Committee
Homer Benavides  –  National OSHA Committee
Quang Nguyen  –  National Benefits Committee
Della Swartz – National Historical Committee
Jason Holland – National Legislative Committee
Dawn Forde – National Legislative Committee
Ricky Hidalgo – National Drug & Alcohol Committee
Corey Glaze – National Pay Team & Collaboration Facilitator
Ed Szczuka  –  Finance Committee, Onboarding
Pam Rusk – IT and Regional Communications
Thom Twitchell – National OWCP Committee
Brittan Smith – Union Synergy Committee
Vacant  –  National Reloaded Committee

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