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National Office Departmental Updates

Wake Turbulence

Gerald Quaye is the Article 114 representative for Wake Turbulence.  Background: Consolidated Wake Turbulence (CWT) will reduce and streamline the number of wake turbulence separation standards implemented in the national airspace (NAS). There are currently three (3) […]

Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS)

Ryan Jacobs is the NATCA TFMS Representative  Background:  TFMS is a data exchange system for supporting the management and monitoring of national air traffic flow. TFMS processes all available data sources such as flight plan messages, flight […]

Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM)

Matt Gammon is the Article 114 Rep for TBFM  Background:  Time Based Flow Management is a system of tools used to manage flows of traffic based on time in order to maximize efficiency.  There are several technologies within TBFM to include but […]


Aaron Rose is the Article 114 Representative for TFDM.     Background:  TFDM will provide improvements to flight data coordination and management for ATCT users, as well as enhanced surface traffic flow management capabilities.  TFDM will replace ATCT […]

Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR)

Kyle Ness is the NATCA TAMR Article 114 Representative  Background:  The TAMR program deploys and sustains Terminal Automation for the Terminal Radar Approach Controls (TRACONs) and associated Air Traffic Control Towers in the National Airspace System (NAS). The automation […]

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