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navcanNAVCANatm, a fully-owned subsidiary of NAV CANADA, delivers mission-critical, enterprise-wide integrated ATM technology solutions, designed to support a full range of services in a collaborative environment. We invite you to experience ATM technology developed on an open architecture, offering automated and intuitive flight data exchange, integrated air traffic surveillance sources, and real-time airport and meteorological data, system status, and airfield lighting information on a graphical display.

NAVCAN’s suite of products supports a full range of ATC services, including enroute; terminal and ground surveillance; airfield lighting, monitoring and control; and clearance delivery. It also functions as an independent backup system for enroute control. Scalable and customizable to all ATC environments, our fully automated ATM products provide immediate, reliable access to airport, tower, terminal and enroute information. Operational staff can view, manipulate, and manage air traffic data for seamless coordination and safer, more efficient and more informed operations at all times.

Used by air traffic controllers on 1,600 active workstations at more than 100 sites worldwide, our next generation technology is transforming operational safety and efficiency. This is truly technology designed by controllers for controllers.

For more information, visit us at booth number 401 and visit our website at