Insider Green

NBPNBP is a small, minority-owned business located in Claremont, Calif. NBP has over 53 years of experience in providing quality products and services to the Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, and private sector customers. NBP is in the business of design, development, manufacturing, installation, training, and service of navigational aids, lighting, communications, and control and monitoring systems. 

NBP provides a multitude of quality products and services to the Federal Aviation Administration, including the High Intensity Approach Lighting System (ALSF-2/SSALR), Replacement Lamp Monitoring System (RLMS), Constant Current Regulators (CCRs), Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI), Light Emitting Diode Precision Approach Path Indicator (LED PAPI), Remote Radio Control System (RRCS), and Integrated Control and Monitoring System (ICMS®).

NBP works with a lot of NATCA reps in tower and TRACON facilities, collaborating on new products. They develop the products together to make sure the equipment is what the members need. Visit them at booth 403 for more information.