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UFA LogoUFA is the world’s premier developer of air traffic control (ATC) simulation systems, providing versatile controller training and research tools to leading air navigation service providers, military organizations, universities, and airports. Established in 1979, UFA boasts staff with extensive engineering, ATC, and aviation experience. Customers include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the U.S. military, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, NAV CANADA, Skyguide, DGAC/DSNA France, LVNL Netherlands, CAA Singapore, and many other organizations.

UFA works extensively with NATCA and its members to provide a range of simulation solutions. UFA’s ATCoach Simulation, embedded into the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) and En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM), and ATTower, the test and training platform for Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM), provides NATCA controllers with the highest fidelity training and evaluation platforms. UFA representatives say every day must be a training day for aviation safety specialists because training doesn’t stop once a specialist becomes certified. Training is a lifelong process, and feedback from NATCA helps UFA develop and enhance their products for aviation safety specialists.

This year, UFA is proud to be exhibiting again at CFS. It gives them the opportunity to interact with tower, En Route and approach facility specialists using their systems. UFA will have ATVehicle, their airside driving simulator, linked with their newest product, ATLIVE, allowing controllers to interact together and have fun on the airfield. ATCloud, UFA’s cloud-based trainer for beginner to seasoned controllers, rounds out their demonstrations, allowing each and every day at CFS this year to be a training day. Visit them at booth 104 for more information.