Two members of Congress addressed NATCA members during the 2017 NATCA in Washington (NiW) program. U.S. Representative Tim Ryan, representing the 13th District of Ohio, and U.S. Representative Rodney Davis, representing the 13th District of Illinois, were well received by this year’s NiW attendees. Both members of have been great supporters of NATCA, air traffic controllers, and all aviation safety professionals. They regularly work with NATCA leaders (both in our headquarters and with key locals) to understand our issues. On all of NATCA’s key votes, they have voted to support NATCA’s interests.

Rep. Davis is a Republican serving his third term in Congress. Davis serves on the House Agriculture Committee, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and the House Administration Committee. He also serves as the Chairman of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research. Davis has established himself as an effective lawmaker who is able to work with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass legislation. He has demonstrated an ability to lead even in a divided government.

Left photo, left to right: EVP Trish Gilbert, Congressman Rodney Davis, and President Paul Rinaldi.

Rep. Ryan is a Democrat serving his eighth term in Congress. Ryan serves as a member of the House Appropriations Committee that oversees the expenditure of money by the federal government. Ryan also serves as Co-chairman of the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus. Ryan’s focus remains the economy and quality of life in Northeast Ohio. He also has been a champion for efforts to make college more affordable, revitalize American cities, and improve health and well-being of American families and children.

Left photo, left to right: EVP Trish Gilbert, Congressman Tim Ryan, and President Paul Rinaldi.

In their speeches, both Rep. Ryan and Rep. Davis expressed support for reforms that would provide a more reliable funding stream to the FAA and air traffic control activities.

During his comments, Rep. Davis said, “I was able to work with every single person that’s part of your organization, because you guys have great leadership out here. You really do. And they work very hard on your behalf to make sure that we lived up to every commitment that we made as a candidate. And now I have been proud to work with NATCA and so many other members of organized labor to help build a Republican-labor coalition in Washington, D.C., to fight for what we all know are the right issues, at the right time. And that is all the time.”

During his speech, Rep. Ryan said, “I wanted to come and first and foremost say, ‘Thank you!’ You’re a very active union, a very aggressive union, a very visionary union. And I appreciate that because we need -- in this day and age -- our leadership. And the kind of leadership that your providing from the union level in our society. And we are going to work very hard. We know you need full funding. One of the most frustrating aspects of government today is unreliability on funding, so you make investments and you can have a stable environment in which to work. It’s our obligation to try and fix what’s going on now, the problems we’re having now in government, how do we get this logjam fixed, so that we can make the kind of investments into you, into the FAA, into the types of technologies that we need.”