The NATCA in Washington (NiW) Congress 101 workshop was a review of the basic structure of government with an emphasis on congressional leadership and the congressional committees that are relevant to the Union. The session included information for all experience levels from first-timers to returning activists. The session was instructed by Richard Kennington, Northwest Mountain National Legislative Committee (NLC) Chair. During his time with the NLC, Kennington has made it a priority to give NATCA members a strong legislative foundation to help them become better activists.

To be a truly effective activist, you must understand how Congress and its committees are structured. Consider taking this class in the future to learn the basic structures of both the House and Senate and develop a better understanding of government leadership and why some congressional committees are so important to NATCA.

How Laws Are Made

An Insider’s Perspective: How NATCA Influences the Legislative Process was another NiW session that taught attendees how a bill becomes a law and the role that NATCA plays throughout the legislative process. NATCA's Deputy Director of Government Affairs, John Bressler, and Senior Political and Legislative Representative, Allie Valocchi Cloyes, taught the session and brought unique perspectives to the class. Bressler's experience as a staffer on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, House Aviation Subcommittee, and as U.S. Representative Frank LoBiondo’s Legislative Director gave him a well-rounded perspective on the political process. Cloyes worked for two members of the Pennsylvania delegation in the House and Senate. As a former Hill staffer, she knows the political process well and has strong relationships on Capitol Hill.

NiW attendees came away with a better understanding of how Congress works behind the scenes. These classes also highlighted pieces of legislation that are important to NATCA members and explained how NATCA influences a legislative agenda that is important to our membership.