News, Press Releases

May 12, 2017 // Kansas City Center Members Honored for Helping Save Pilot
May 4, 2017 // WFTV-TV - Behind the Scenes at Orlando Tower (MCO) and TRACON (F11)
May 4, 2017 // Phoenix TRACON Air Traffic Controllers Honored for Helping Save Pilot, Passenger
May 4, 2017 // NATCA Commends Congress for Passing Omnibus Funding Bill, Avoiding Government Shutdown
April 28, 2017 // Fort Wayne Air Traffic Controller Eric Vanstrom Honored for Helping Pilot to Safe Landing
April 27, 2017 // Washington Center Controllers Honored For Assisting Pilot Who Lost Navigation, Then Engines, and Landed on Road
April 14, 2017 // Cleveland Center Controller David Stempien Honored for Helping Save Couple in Small Plane
April 14, 2017 // Anchorage Center Controller Jessica Earp Honored for Helping Save Fighter Jet Pilot
April 5, 2017 // NATCA Applauded Appointment of NTSB Vice Chairman; NATCA Honored NTSB Board Member Hart with Sentinel of Safety Award
March 31, 2017 // National Air Traffic Controllers Association Appoints Director of Public Affairs
March 16, 2017 // Statement by NATCA President Paul Rinaldi about President’s 2018 Budget Proposal
March 14, 2017 // Press Conference: Archie League Medal of Safety Award-Winning Air Traffic Controllers From Atlanta TRACON
Feb. 28, 2017 // USA Today Ask Air Traffic Control Feature - What Are The Busiest Times of Year to Fly?
Feb. 21, 2017 // NATCA Praises Collaborative Relationship With FAA, Progress on NextGen
Feb. 15, 2017 // NATCA Announces 2017 Archie League Medal of Safety Award Recipients