The John Thornton Award

ThorntonProfileIn Recognition of Extraordinary Contributions That Have Significantly Changed the Course of NATCA's History.

NATCA lost one of its founding fathers in 2013 with the passing of John Thornton. At the 2014 Minneapolis Convention, NATCA honored Thornton's memory with a special presentation and the introduction of a new award named for him and inspired by his extraordinary contributions to the birth of our Union.

Thornton embodied every great characteristic of a union man. He put his brothers and sisters' interests first. He also made the biggest sacrifice in 1981, as a member of PATCO. Those who were hired to fill the open controller positions, faced the same challenges and struggles. It was Thornton who then helped them by leading a new effort to unionize.

♦ NATCA's video chronicling Thornton's life and career

♦ NATCA's special tribute to Thornton on Oct. 3, 2014, including the presentation of the Thornton Award to his wife, Ginny