The Dallas Morning News:

Headline: "His small plane spewing smoke over Addison, a young pilot has only a moment to act"

"Daniel Luna’s 6-foot-3 frame is crammed into the left side of a Cessna 172RG, and he has clearance for takeoff. He’s done this dozens of times, logging 200 hours as a young pilot.

"The 19-year-old guides the single-engine craft down Addison Airport’s lone runway. Quickly, he and Cristóbal Diaz, a Federal Aviation Administration safety inspector, reach about 200 feet and 80 mph over the lengthy airstrip.

"To earn certification as a flight instructor, Luna needs to ace what’s known as a “check ride” under Diaz’s watch.

"Then, suddenly, an ominous message.

"'53 Delta, you’re smoking, you’re smoking a lot. You may want to just land again,' a voice from the control tower urges Luna over his headset. The words come rapidly, but the voice remains calm."

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