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National Office


Executive Office

Chief of Staff

Dean Iacopelli

General Counsel

Marguerite L. Graf

Special Counsel to the President

Eugene Freedman

Executive Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Lewis

Asst. General Counsel

Magen Stevens

Policy Counsel

Greg Shoemaker

Office Manager

Charry Jimenez

Staff Support Specialist II

Cheryl Cannon

Staff Support Specialist II

Angelina Crutchfield

Staff Support Specialist II

Lisa Head


Regional Office Coord. for Reg. Vice Presidents

Mickela Gillfillan




Preet Mohinder Singh Virk

Deputy Comptroller

Bill Bamford

 Accounting Associate

Cecilia Harley

Accounting Associate

Pamala Suttle

Accounting Associate

Sophia Wright


Government Affairs

Director of Government Affairs

Jose Ceballos

Deputy Director of Government Affairs

John Bressler

Senior Political and Legislative Representative

Allie Valocchi Cloyes

PAC and Political Representative

Michelle Fevola


Labor Relations

Acting Director of Labor Relations

Nicole Vitale

Assistant Director of Labor Relations

Erina Hammond

Labor Relations Staff Representative

Christopher Gant

Labor Relations Attorney

Suzanne DeFelice

Labor Relations Attorney

Grant Mulkey

Labor Relations Staff Representative

Melinda Kim

Labor Relations Coordinator

 Kendal Manson

Administrative Assistant

 Peggy Patrick-Jones

Training Coordinator

Carolyn Kamara



Public Affairs

Director of Public Affairs

Thom Metzger

Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Doug Church

Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Kelly Richardson

Information Technology Manager

Phil Yanchulis

Associate Director of Public Affairs, Art and Design

Laura Roose

Associate Director of Public Affairs, Special Events

Grace Colby

Senior Social Media Associate

Meagan Roper

Meeting Planning Specialist

 Megan Seidman

Public Affairs Specialist

 Brandi Teel

Web Specialist

Dan Whall

Administrative Assistant for Public Affairs

Pauline Hines

Information Technology Specialist

Matthew Heer


Safety and Technology

Director of Safety & Technology

Jim Ullmann

Deputy Director of Safety & Technology

Mark McKelligan

Terminal Technology Coordinator

Bill Geoghagan

En Route Technology Coordinator

Mark Prestrude

Technical Representative Liaison

Matt Sullivan



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