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The NATCA Difference


NATCA is a unique union representing people from all walks of life, from Republicans to Democrats, to college graduates, and military veterans, because safety is a universal issue, no matter what political party you belong to or where you come from.

Safety above all is the litmus test in which all decisions the Union makes are based on, as the people who join NATCA have the common goal of improving their professions and enhancing the safest and most efficient airspace system in the world.

The NATCA family is comprised of over 20,000 air traffic controllers, engineers, and other aviation safety-related professionals, with membership from every state, territory, and possession of the United States.

We are one of the strongest and most influential labor unions in the federal sector, but we are not solely focused on labor. NATCA is also an important and critical voice in the aviation industry. NATCA family members are highly skilled and fully committed to ensuring the safety of every flight. NATCA is proud to represent not only the interests of its membership, but the safety interests of the flying public as well.

NATCA represents 17 bargaining units, which include Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers, Architects, Aircraft Certification Engineers, Air Traffic Control Staff Support Specialists, Drug Abatement Inspectors, and more. Each bargaining unit consists of members split up over 10 different regions, nine of which correspond to the geographic boundaries set by the FAA and deal primarily with air traffic-related personnel.

NATCA’s diversity, both with our bargaining units as well as our members, is what makes the Union an industry powerhouse. It’s our differences that make us stronger.

More importantly NATCA is a family and we’d like you to hear first-hand from some of our members what the NATCA Collective is.


NATCA works collaboratively with the Agency in a myriad of issues including all Safety and Training initiatives, and selects volunteers from the NATCA bargain unit to work on the many issues associated with these subjects. There are abundant opportunities to become involved in NATCA and in the many ongoing projects and programs that are having an impact on our workforce. It could be participating as a Subject Matter Expert during human in the loop testing for new technologies, or as an appointed NATCA representative overseeing a large program. There are anywhere between 120-150 ongoing or scheduled programs, projects, and initiatives that require resources to work on everything from initial development, to training, to implementation. Whether it be at the local, regional or national level, NATCA is a full collaborative partner with the FAA and works with the Agency to fill the many requests for resources that are made to fulfill the vital role these opportunities bring.

Safety & Technology
— All positions associated with all applicable Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs (VSRP), including ATSAP.

— Implementation of new technology’s that include Enroute Data Comm, Time Based Flow Management (TBDM), Terminal Flight Data Management (TFDM), all airspace projects including Metroplex and PBN procedures, and many more.

— All positions associated with our ongoing collaborative efforts with the FAA to improve all aspects of controller and employee training. 

Latest Headlines


2016 Slate Book

Bargaining Units Covered
Air Traffic Control Specialists located in terminal and en route facilities, Traffic Management Coordinators/Specialists in terminal and en route facilities and the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), NOTAM Specialists at the ATCSCC, and Air Traffic Control Specialists assigned to the Flight Service option.

2013 Purple Book

Bargaining Units Covered
Engineers and Architects (E&A), Staff Specialists (SSS), Aviation System Specialists (ATSS), and Flight Procedures.

2011 Light Blue Book

Bargaining Units Covered
Drug Abatement (DAI), ABA-Budget (ABA), AFN, Automation Specialist (AOS), Aircraft Certification (AIR and AIR-110), General Counsel (AGC), Logistics (ARO), and Airports (ARP).

FCT Contracts

2016 RVA CBA
Covering the NATCA-represented Federal Contract Towers operated by Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc.

2021 Serco CBA
Covering the NATCA-represented Federal Contract Towers operated by Serco, Inc.

2016 Midwest CBA
Covering the NATCA-represented Federal Contract Towers operated by Midwest Air Traffic Control Service, Inc.

DOD Contracts

2013 SLI CBA
The agreement between NATCA and the Department of Defense Army National Guard National Guard Bureau Readiness Center, Los Alamitos Aviation Division (SLI), Los Alamitos, Calif.

2005 NKT CBA
Negotiated Agreement Between NATCA and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. (NKT).

2003 JRF CBA
Agreement between NATCA and the 297th Air Traffic Control Squadron, Kalaeloa Airport (JRF), Hawaii.

NATCA Member Testimonials

Patrick Massie from Region X talks about joining NATCA
Gloria Ibarra from Region X talks about Joining NATCA
Pam Rusk from Region X talks about joining NATCA

Exclusive Benefits to NATCA Members

Being a NATCA member entitles you to enjoy a vast array of valuable benefits. We are extremely proud of the work NATCA has done to secure these for our hard-working members. Our benefits range from long-term disability insurance, to retirement and financial planning, to travel and entertainment, to products and services like Ford automobiles and Geico insurance, and much more. We partner with Union Plus to offer even more benefits ranging from clothing and entertainment discounts to legal services.


Total number of NATCA locals across the National Airspace System
(as of January 31, 2024)


Number of passengers served in the National Airspace System in 2023 (As of December 31, 2023) (Source: U.S. DOT, Bureau of Transportation Statistics)


Total Bargaining Unit employees represented by NATCA
(as of January 31, 2024)


Total NATCA members
(as of January 31, 2024)

NATCA represents 17 different bargaining units, including now AFN, and provides the strongest representation for professionals in every facet of aviation support and safety. Every NATCA bargaining unit employee has a voice, and NATCA’s leadership keenly understands our professions.

Moreover, NATCA and the FAA have built one of the most collaborative labor-management relationships in the federal government. NATCA recognizes how important individual members are, and the Union works for issues that members of each of the bargaining units really care about. I know your voice can make a difference.

Brad Davidson
Region X Vice President

Become a NATCA Member

If you are part of a NATCA bargaining unit, you are eligible to join the Union as a full member and receive access to our great member benefits. Simply fill out the appropriate applications below and the 1187 form to request a payroll deduction of dues.

Member Application (PDF)

SF1187 Request for Payroll Deduction of Dues (PDF)

FCT Dues Deduction (PDF)

RNAV Application (PDF)

Retired members can stay active in the Union through our Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV) program. Annual dues are $35, or $350 for a lifetime membership.

Platinum Retired Membership is an exclusive membership given automatically at no cost to NATCA members who fall into one or both of the following categories:

  • NATCA members who paid dues as active members for 20+ consecutive years immediately prior to their retirement.
  • Charter members who paid dues as active members consecutively from the inception of their membership until their retirement date.
Family Associate Membership – $25 Annually

$25 annually. To qualify for a Family Associate Membership, you must be a family member of an active or retired NATCA member.

  • The NATCA Update e-newsletter
  • Union Plus Benefits
  • SIG Alternate FEGLI Insurance
  • Discounted GEICO Insurance Services
  • Access to the NATCA Store
  • A special family NATCA email address
Standard Associate Membership – $100 Annually
  • The NATCA Update e-newsletter
  • SIG Alternate FEGLI Insurance
  • Discounted GEICO Insurance Services
  • Access to the NATCA Store

NATCA now offers three different types of Associate Membership: Family, Standard and Premium. Each type has different membership eligibility requirements, available benefits and membership fees.

Premium Associate Membership – $250 Annually
  • The NATCA Update e-newsletter
  • SIG Alternate FEGLI Insurance
  • Discounted GEICO Insurance Services
  • Access to the NATCA Store
  • Continue Long Term Disability purchased as member.*
  • Aviation medical consultation service**

NATCA now offers three different types of Associate Membership: Family, Standard and Premium. Each type has different membership eligibility requirements, available benefits and membership fees.

*Eligible to continue existing Long Term Disability insurance policy purchased as a NATCA mem/ber

**Aviation medical consultation service (if you require a FAA medical certificate in conjunction with your employment)

Corporate Memberships

Standard Corporate Membership – $1,000 Annually

Benefits include:

  • Welcome package with letter from President and EVP, corporate partner lapel pin, pen, NATCA water bottle, Dynamic Travel and Cruise flyer, and The NATCA Difference lanyard
  • Company logo with hyperlink displayed on the NATCA Difference website (www.thenatcadifference.com)
  • NATCA press releases and the organization’s e-newsletter (The NATCA Update) 
  • Annual wall calendar 
  • Annual Reception with NATCA leadership
Premium Corporate Membership – $2,500 Annually

Benefits include:

  • Receive a 5% discount on sponsorship at NATCA’s Communicating for Safety (CFS) conference
  • Early selection of sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities for CFS
  • Two semi-annual in-person meeting with NATCA leadership at our Union’s National Office.
  • Opportunities for our premium corporate partners to advertise job vacancies to our NATCA retired members.
  • Company spotlighted in NATCA communications.

Corporate Members

Premium Corporate Members

Standard Corporate Members

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