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Mission, Values & Vision

Mission, Values & Vision

NATCA Mission

Our mission guides planning and judgment. NATCA is a membership-owned organization. We advance the status, professionalism, and working conditions of all air traffic controllers and other aviation safety-related employees through collective bargaining, political action, and other lawful concerted activity.

NATCA Values

Our values guide decisions and behavior. Those include honesty, tenacity, leadership by example, hard work, integrity, loyalty to the profession, open communication, and the collective spirit.

NATCA Vision

NATCA is a labor organization comprised of dedicated aviation safety professionals acting in unity to enhance the lives and professions of our members while leading the effort to improve, modernize, and preserve the safety of the National Airspace System.

Code of the Air Traffic Controller

A Professional Air Traffic Controller’s performance and actions are a demonstration of his or her personal commitment to safety, excellence, and upholding their oath to the public trust, most specifically to the users of the National Airspace System. They shall conduct themselves in a manner that instills trust and merits the confidence bestowed on him or her by the public they serve.

A Professional Air Traffic Controller, through his or her own conduct and performance, should inspire, motivate, and provide examples of professionalism to others. The safety of the Airspace system is of the greatest importance and his or her performance should always demonstrate the highest standard of excellence.

A Professional Air Traffic Controller accepts that his or her actions represent the conduct and character of all members of the profession. They shall act in a manner that brings honor and respect to the profession, establishes public trust, and sets a global standard for excellence.

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