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NATCA Academy Schedule

If you are interested in attending any NATCA Academy courses, please visit the NATCA Membership Portal to sign up. If you have any questions, please contact NATCA’s training manager.

2019 NATCA Academy Schedule


Representative Training I  (RTI)

  • August 26-30, Las Vegas
  • October 7-11, Las Vegas
  • December 2-6, Las Vegas

Safety Advocacy Training (SAT)

  • April 30-May 1, Las Vegas
  • October 8-9, Las Vegas


Secretary Treasury Training (STT)

  • July 16-17, Las Vegas
  • September 4-5, Las Vegas
  • December 3-4,  Las Vegas


Training Review Board (TRB)

**Combined class with the Agency; final dates TBD

  • May 7-9, Seattle
  • Sept. 10-12, FAA Academy OKC
  • Sept. 24-26, Location TBD


Federal Contract Tower (FCT)

  • November 13-14, Washington, DC


Legislative Activism Training (LAT)

  • September 4-5,  Las Vegas


Advanced Legislative Activism Training (ALAT)

  • November 19-21, Washington, DC



  • November 13-14, Las Vegas



  • October 21-23,  Airlie, VA


Drug and Alcohol Training (DAT)

  • Oct. 16-17, Las Vegas


Pre Arbitration Review (PAR)

  • Las Vegas (Postponed, new dates TBA)


TO REGISTERPlease click here to reach the NATCA Membership Portal

Once you have logged in, select “NATCA Academy” from the quick links. Then, select “2019 courses.” If you need any help with registration, contact the Coordinator for your region. Registrants will be notified within 35 days from the course start date of their status for the course. 

If you must cancel your reservation for any reason, notify NATCA Training Manager Carolyn Kamara immediately at 800-266-0895, ext. 4854. If you do not cancel by the Thursday preceding the class, your local will be billed for the cost of your cancellation, in accordance with NATCA Standing Rule F-17.*

Do not book air travel or make plans to attend any NATCA Academy training without prior approval from your Facility Representative, RVP, or the Administrative Assistant in your region.

*Refer to the National Constitution Standing Rules Policy and Position Statements for a full explanation of all standing rules.


Legislative Activism Training (LAT)

This course provides attendees with a brief review of the United States Congressional Structure and the process for passing legislation. With that foundation, we explore the reasons NATCA needs to be legislatively active and the benefits of having a presence on Capitol Hill. Attendees learn techniques for building relationships with every member of congress that is critical to our success.  Above all, the course looks at the methods used to educate our Representatives so that we can protect and enhance our profession. Participants will leave with tools to help them communicate NATCA’s legislative agenda when they return to their facilities.

Duration: 2 days

Advance Legislative Activism Training

This course is conducted in the nation’s capital so that participants can learn from legislative subject matter experts. NATCA’s Leadership, Government Affairs Staff, Office of Special Council, and Legislative Consultants educate the participants on various aspects of our legislative agenda. This popular course enhances activist’s knowledge of NATCA’s endorsement policy, how the PAC Advisory Board works, how NATCA influences legislation, and other topics. Attendees will participate in fun and educational scenarios that will prepare them to return to their regions and educate other NATCA members.


Duration: 2 ½ days

Safety Advocacy Training (SAT)

This course is designed for NATCA representatives with varying levels of experience. The course provides the student the background and knowledge of the different safety programs, processes and requirements. This course is interactive and attendees will have an opportunity to participate in practical exercises and leave with the confidence needed to represent their facility to the best of their ability.

Duration: 2 days (Effective Oct. 8 2019 – Previously 1.5 days)


Representative Training 1 (RT-1)

This course focuses on the daily roles and responsibilities of all NATCA representatives. The context is geared towards the working relationships with both bargaining unit employees as well as management. The course will reinforce three main themes throughout:

The daily roles and responsibilities of the union representative

The application of collaborative and traditional labor principles to real-life situations

NATCA’s expectations of a local leader

  • The course identifies union representatives’ primary relationships as follows:
  • The union representative’s relationship with the bargaining unit he or she represents
  • The union representative’s relationship with each member as an individual
  • The union representative’s relationship with management

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will return to their locals with an understanding of NATCA’s history and core principles and their daily roles and responsibilities as a union representative/local leader. 

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 4 ½ days

Secretary/Treasurer Training (STT)


  • Improve knowledge of NATCA, DOL, and IRS rules
  • Understand the importance of strict record keeping
  • Consistent financial record keeping of locals
  • Local Officer Transitions  
  • Provide written documentation for financial guidelines
  • Local Election procedures
  • Local constitution amendment procedures 
  • Procedures to assist local FacRep in the daily operations of a NATCA Local.

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 1 ½ days.  

What to bring: Pen/highlighter, notepad, laptop, local constitution and local financial policy

Drug and Alcohol Training (DAC)

This course is an introduction into the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in drug and alcohol testing. Coursework emphasizes the importance of correctly representing your BUEs during drug and alcohol testing. Exercises and interactions will get you familiar with the proper drug and alcohol testing procedures, the correct manner to run a test list, to include who may be tested, number of BUEs that may be tested each day, time parameters, annotating the test list, what a Treatment Rehabilitation Plan (TRP) is, what to look for in TRPs, what the employee can expect during and after the TRP.

Duration: 2 days

Leadership Experience Acceleration Project (LEAP)

LEAP is a crash course in being an effective leader.  Originating from Fort Worth Center in 2008, the class is a 48-hour immersive experience focusing on leadership principles and differing ways to handle situations and deal with others. In short, the class is designed to give learners more tools in their toolbox for whatever role they may occupy.

Duration: 2 ½ days

Prerequisite: By RVP invitation only



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