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Advanced Legislative Activism Class

Advanced Legislative Activism Course is a 2.5 day course taught in Washington, D.C. This course is for the member who is legislatively active within NATCA and would like to learn advanced techniques and concepts to enable them to become a more effective legislative activist. This is an intense course that includes pre-class homework as well as homework each night of the class.

Students in this course will learn advanced strategy and technique for Congressional meetings, PAC recruitment techniques, and etiquette and strategy for attending fundraisers. Additionally, students will hear directly from the Office of Special Counsel and learn detailed information about the Hatch Act. They will receive a briefing from NATCA counsel on the legalities surrounding the PAC and PAC recruitment. They will view various different congressional hearings, votes, and committee meetings to better understand the procedures and what is going on behind the scenes.

For more information contact NLC Chair Steve Weidner.

Prerequisites: Basic Legislative class, and must be a member of the NATCA PAC.

What to bring: Pen/highlighter, notepad, laptop.

***Please do not book air travel or make plans to attend any NATCA Academy training without prior approval from your Facility Representative, RVP or the Administrative Assistant in your region.***

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