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Advanced Representative Training

This 3 ½ day course begins at 8:30 a.m. Monday ending at noon on Thursday. The Advanced Representative Training (ART) course, similar to Basic Facility Representative Training (BRT) is Labor Relations (LR) centric. ART will provide more in-depth instruction on LR related materials covering some of the same modules that are taught in the BRT. Attendee participation is a must. Attendees must also bring a laptop to the class. There are seven (7) LR related modules presented in this class. There will be a question and answer period when the class is completed. Please come prepared to learn.

There also is a pre-class reading homework assignment that is required to be completed prior to the class.

The modules covered in this class include:

  • LR Research Techniques and Resources
  • Flagrant Misconduct
  • Principles of Effective Negotiations
  • NATCA Local Building
  • Prevailing at Arbitration
  • Responding to a Disciplinary/Adverse Action
  • ULPs

This class also contains workshops and role-plays.

Prerequisites: Basic FacRep Training (BRT)

Training duration: Three and one-half days

Arrive: Sunday or Monday in time for class start time at 8:30 a.m.
Depart: Thursday after 2 p.m.

What to bring: Pen/highlighter, notepad, laptop

***Please do not book air travel or make plans to attend any NATCA Academy training without prior approval from your Facility Representative, RVP or the Administrative Assistant in your region.***

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