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Training Review Board (TRB)

This 2 ½-day course begins at 8:30 a.m. The Training Review Board (TRB) Representative course is designed to prepare attendees to represent NATCA in a TRB. This course will instruct participants on NATCA’s role, preparation methods, and how to conduct successful TRBs. Attendee participation is a must and personal laptop computers are helpful but not required. The training is split between academics and a class “mock TRB.” There is a homework assignment to prepare for the mock TRB, so come prepared to learn.

A reading assignment is required to be completed prior to taking the course.

The modules covered in this class include:

  • Applicable Article(s) of the CBA
  • JO 31020.4N
  • Reviewing training data
  • TRB preparation
  • Conducting interviews
  • Managing the TRB
  • Writing recommendations

Prerequisite: Recommended by your RVP (Basic Representative Training helpful).

Training duration: Two-and-a-half days.

Arrive: Either the day before or in time for class start time at 8:30 a.m.
Depart: Day three at noon.

What to bring: Pen/highlighter and notepad. Laptop is helpful, but not required.

***Please do not book air travel or make plans to attend any NATCA Academy training without prior approval from your Facility Representative, RVP, or the Administrative Assistant in your region.***

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