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Fully Charged


Fully Charged is a joint campaign sponsored by the FAA, NATCA and PASS to promote fatigue education and awareness by providing the workforce with tools to self-educate and mitigate fatigue hazards.

The Fully Charged campaign was established by the Collaborative Steering Committee, a joint leadership committee, in order to socialize the issue of fatigue in air traffic facilities throughout the nation, and to start a change in the culture of how the workforce thinks about and views fatigue, and values alertness.

Fatigue is a Shared Responsibility

In a 24/7 operation, no one is immune to fatigue; it’s a shared responsibility to mitigate it. Planes are going to continue to fly and ATC safety professionals have to be there to provide the safe services they need. The workforce is responsible for managing its sleep, fitness and nutrition, which all play a crucial roll in fatigue mitigation. Operational supervisors, managers and NATCA facility representatives have a shared responsibility to help mitigate fatigue risk by managing schedule development and implementation, employing and supporting recuperative breaks, and supporting self-declaration of fatigue.

At the national leadership level, the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO), NATCA, and PASS have made fatigue mitigation a priority by jointly establishing the Fatigue Safety Steering Committee (FSSC) to direct the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). The FSSC is made up of one ATO management designee, one NATCA representative and one PASS representative, and is supported by staff from the ATO Fatigue Risk Management Team in ATO Safety and Technical Training. The FSSC collaborates on issues concerning operational fatigue hazards and risks across the NAS and provides direction and oversight of the FRMS. The FRMS facilitates improved safety of the National Airspace System (NAS) and improved performance and safety of employees by identifying fatigue hazards, classifying fatigue risks and recommending mitigations to reduce fatigue risk.

ATO, NATCA, and PASS leadership have accepted joint FSSC recommendations to manage and mitigate fatigue. Recommendations for air traffic services include changes to operational policy and procedures, and development of educational offerings for managers and employees.

Working together, the organizations are striving toward optimizing the level of performance and safety of the services provided to the NAS. 

Information and Educational Tools
Watch one-minute segments as FAA, NATCA, and PASS representatives talk about the importance of fatigue education and give tips on how to mitigate the hazards. 

Sleep and Wellness Infographic
Tips to help get you “fully charged” for work.

Latest Headlines

Feb. 17, 2017: This year, Fully Charged is expanding its educational and informational efforts to include eight areas of health and wellness. Each of these eight areas have the potential to impact an individual’s ability to be Fully Charged and perform his or her best on the job. Read more

Fatigue Bulletins

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