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Feb. 12, 2016 // New OSHA Webinar: Environmental Testing in FAA Buildings

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There are two topics for the February OSHA webinar: water quality and mold. While they are quite different topics, they both can have an effect on the health of building occupants.

Every three years, drinking water quality is tested in FAA buildings. This test includes parameters like copper and lead that can leach from the pipes into the building. Part of the webinar will be devoted to explaining the tests, interpreting the data, and required action if there are concerns identified.

The internet is a great source of data. Sometimes the data is accurate, sometimes it is not. Mold is a lightning-rod topic on the internet and a great deal of what is written is speculative or inaccurate. Part of this webinar will help you to separate fact from fiction on mold in our buildings.

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